Walled Lake Percussion 2018: The Art of Possibility
Cherry Blossom Tree
WLP had a unique challenge this year—a tree that not only had the typical constraints of height, weight, and quick assembly/disassembly, but it also needed to remotely change color and have its petals gently float to the ground on cue. This prop was mostly research to see what products could be combined and modified at a low price point to meet the needs of the production.
Walled Lake Central Marching Band 2017: Awakening
WLCMB came to me with the bones of their ramp prop already worked out, but they wanted to see now they could integrate an abstract sunrise into the prop.

Left: Uniform inspiration provided by WLCMB. Center: Ramp inspiration provided by WLCMB. Right: Sunset inspiration provided by WLCMB.

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