The diorama was created as a visual aid help illustrate the look and feel of the story being pitched by the screenwriter. During my internship at Chiodo, I filled the role of lead paper-craft costume designer and fabricator for the Peeps promotional diorama. The project began by making style samples for the producer, Stephen Chiodo, to choose from. Once a style was selected, I made various patterns and delegated tasks for duplicate characters (the Redcoats and the Rebel Army for example). From there, we set to work costuming the individual characters and assembling the diorama. 
The Final Diorama
Hero Peep and Grandpa Peep: I designed and executed both characters (I was not responsible for set and zombie peep fabrication). The costumes are a combination of polymer clay and craft paper. 
Ben Franklin Peep and Superwoman Peep 
Superwoman's costume and face are made of cut/folded paper, while her arms and legs are sculped from polymer clay. 
Ben Franklin Peep 
Ben's arms and legs are sculpted from polymer clay. Ben’s costume is made of construction paper. By cutting the paper very thin and twisting it tightly around wire, I was able to create the the curls of his hair and the ruffles of his shirt. 
The Redcoats
Opposing Forces
This is an example of when the entire crew worked together to produce duplicates of the same costume. I created patterns for the coats and hats and each member of the crew worked on a specific element. For example, one person cut out the black portion of the hats, while another punched out the buttons, and I assembled the pieces for consistency. I was not responsible for the making the shoes, weaponry, or satchels. 
Piriate Peep 
Pirate Peep was the first of the cast constructed in this style. His design set the look for over 50 other costumes. 
Sword made by Michael Stamboulian.
Thank you for viewing my contribution to this Chiodo Bros. Productions project. To see more projects by the studio, please visit their website
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