Photo Credits (unless otherwise noted): Todd Rockwell
The Final Product
PC: Katie Hanka
Timelapse Video by Katie Hanka
Briefing the Crew
Delegating the painting process was one of the biggest challenges of this project. Efficiency was very important, so I decided a “paint-by-numbers” process was best. These charts were distributed to small groups, and each group tackled a specific color. 
Fuax gloss was mixed with the paint to prevent chipping. This 100’ x 50’ tarp is folded and unfolded for every performance or practice. 
Happy Helpers. We had a team of about 20 marching members helping to get this project taped and painted in one night. The time constraint was intense—gym time in a high school is not easy come by. The faster we painted, the more dry time we had. 
Function: The musicians use the floor as an integrated backdrop to their performance. 
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