DCI YouTube Channel Re-Vamp

As a video production intern at Drum Corps International, I was asked to design a new look for their YouTube Channel would be seen by 22,000 subscribers. I created a banner that would remain aesthetically pleasing when viewed on different devices (utilizing provided photography). Additionally, I created an icon that would meet the formatting requirements of YouTube, while still maintaining the brand identity of Drum Corps International (using the original logo as source material).

Screen Shot!
Drum Corps International: YouTube Channel Icon Art. I was asked to create something new for the Channel that would take the company's round logo, and incorporate it into the square format of YouTube icons. 
Drum Corps International Banner Art. This piece was created to function on many devices—that would be equally successful at portraying the company brand when viewed on a mobile device, tablet, desktop, and television. 
Screen shot!
Desktop Minimum 
Desktop Maximum
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